Stormwater Management

A Breakthrough In Stormwater Management Technology

Stormwater management

The unique drainage and structural properties of HydroBlox truly set it aside, and make it superior to most other traditional stormwater management materials available on the market.

HydroBlox is manufactured from 100% recycled thermoplastics making it entirely environmentally friendly. An exceptionally porous, high strength plastic that can filter and direct the flow of water, using surface tension unique to the product. HydroBlox planks maintain permeability, require little to zero post installation maintenance and are easily connected into existing drainage infrastructure or  natural aquifers that redistribute clean water filtered from debris and  silts, back into the environment.

An industry breakthrough in water management technology. You now have access to a new range of options that enable you to precisely control water source, volume and treatment in ways that were previously unavailable – until now!

A Global Challenge

Floods have unfortunately become regular news headlines across the globe. A combination of the growing scale of site developments and heightened intensity of storm events are not only putting major pressure on existing infrastructures, they are causing serious damage to the environment.

  • The cost of the UK’s winter floods in 2015 alone topped £5bn to families and businesses.
  • Excess surface water run-off is washing pollutants into natural watercourses.
  • The speed that surface water is removed through drains is disrupting the normal cycle of infiltration that sustains groundwater supplies.
  • Peak river flow during floods causes erosion and the deposition of silts and solids in rivers and streams, negatively impacting waterway systems and the surrounding environment.

It is clear that from both an economic and environmental standpoint, stormwater carries the threat of delivering huge cost when we fail to manage it effectively.

HydroBlox and Sustainable Drainage Systems

The intention of sustainable drainage systems are to mitigate against the aforementioned threats by reducing the stormwater discharge contributed by any given site or land area and to instead make use of the inbound rainwater supply, reduce the volume / surface velocity of run-off and prevent pollution.

Major Underdrain Installation

Click to view this birds-eye civil engineering plan of a major underdrain installation using HydroBlox

Sustainable drainage systems that retain water safely for as long as possible, clean it and then facilitate onsite re-use or controlled release, are widely recognised as the optimal industry standard.

The drainage and structural properties of HydroBlox are proven to perfectly compliment the three fundamental principles of sustainable drainage systems in both rural and urban landscapes; control the source, control the volume and control the treatment of stormwater.

HydroBlox has been proven to solve the intricate water management challenges presented by built up towns and cities, in addition to those presented by large landmass areas that need to be addressed with high-volume solutions.

You might be considering controlling source, volume or treatment using permeable surfaces, green building substrates, water courses, chambers, geocelluar storage tanks, control devices, soakaways, attenuation ponds, engineered soils, bio-remediation, filters, geo-membranes or linings.

HydroBlox solutions can be fitted or retrofitted, to entirely replace or enhance:

  • Permeable paving surfaces
  • Geotextiles
  • Aggregates
  • Soakaway and attenuation systems
  • Flow Control, Storage and Treatment Chambers
  • Traditional stormwater pipes of any size and type including but not limited to Concrete / HDPE Circular, Elliptical and Ovoid.
  • Flat Pack Tanks
  • Manholes
  • Road and or Filter Gullies
  • Hydrodynamic Vortex Separators
  • Filter Catch Pits
  • Headwalls
  • Cascade Units
  • High Capacity Slot Drains
  • Perforated Drainage Troughs
  • Box Culverts
  • Rainwater Harvesting Tank
  • Grey Water Recycling Tanks
  • And many other traditional stormwater management options.

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Green Technology

HydroBlox is manufactured from 100% recycled thermoplastics.

  • It is estimated for every 500 meters of HydroBlox our water management solutions and manufacturing technologies are able to reprocess 2.5 tonnes of recycled plastic.
  • Research has shown that for every tonne of HydroBlox produced, the equivalent of 2 tonnes of CO2 emissions are saved.

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