Revolutionary Water Management Solutions For Your Site

HydroBlox is an advanced material manufactured from 100% recycled thermoplastics. An exceptionally porous, high strength plastic that can filter and direct the flow of water, using surface tension unique to the product. HydroBlox planks maintain permeability, require little to zero post installation maintenance and can easily be added to or reused as part of any future site developments.

Our versatile technology provides you with an unparalleled system of water management solutions that solve your quarry water management challenges with ease. Enhance both temporary and permanent site access roads. Protect key areas of your site from stormwater by diverting it at source. Improve operational efficiency and secure long lasting benefits for your investment and the environment.


HydroBlox can be used to transform key access roads on your site in both a permanent and temporary capacity.

Enhance Your Operating Efficiency

The lightweight and high-strength structure of our HydroPlanks make them the ideal solution to solve water management challenges in and around your quarry site.

We understand that traditional methods of managing water on your site are time consuming and expensive. They are typically labour intensive and may need to be revisited several times during operational lifetime. With the correct long-term plan in place, a number of steps can be taken to enhance your quarrying efficiency, optimise operations and reduce costs from start to finish.

HydroBlox has an unparalleled and proven solution to mitigate against the ever present danger of stormwater disruption. Already adopted by major developers in the United States. Our technology will minimise the risk of soil erosion, landslides, flooded areas and site downtime due to severe weather conditions:

  • Lightweight, compact, easy to store and transport.
  • No requirement for large trenches, gravel, sand, aggregate, fittings or fabric barriers.
  • Use HydroBlox to passively filter and take water away from key areas of your site, such as buildings, parking areas, access roads and embankments.

Enhanced Road Surfaces, Passive Drainage Grids and Soakaways

HydroBlox is an ideal road surface replacement and or enhancement medium, in either a temporary or permanent capacity. It can withstand severe weather conditions and heavy load vehicles, thus protecting key access areas of your site and allowing your quarry to operate with increased efficiency.

Fully manage and control stormwater at key site access points.

Your enhanced road surface can then be connected into existing drainage infrastructure or it can be used to redistribute clean water (filtered from silts) into the natural environment.

Install your tailored passive water management grid using HydroPlanks. Available in up to ten foot lengths, these can be easily fabricated on site with nothing more than simple hand tools, before being slid into the awaiting trenches and ditches. Installation can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take using bulldozers, backhoes, pipes and aggregate.

With the unique water conveyance and filtration properties of HydroBlox, your water management grid also has the unparalleled ability to passively control and channel stormwater back into natural aquifers, holding ponds or other soakaway systems.

Green Technology

HydroBlox is manufactured from 100% recycled thermoplastics.

  • It is estimated for every 500 meters of HydroBlox our water management solutions and manufacturing technologies are able to reprocess 2.5 tonnes of recycled plastic.
  • Research has shown that for every tonne of HydroBlox produced, the equivalent of 2 tonnes of CO2 emissions are saved.

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