Sectors Overview

Discover more about our water management expertise and drainage solutions that are specifically tailored for your sector.

  • Stormwater Management

    Stormwater management

    HydroBlox advanced water management technology provides an extensive range of source, volume and treatment solutions to control stormwater in ways that have not been available until now.

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  • Protected: Solar Parks

    HydroBlox sectors - Solar Parks

    Superior Solar Park drainage solutions that have been shown to deliver potential savings running into the millions of dollars for every 50 acres / 10MW of site installation area.

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  • Quarries


    Protect key access areas of your site and increase the operational efficiency of your quarry in adverse weather conditions. HydroBlox is the ideal road surface replacement and or enhancement medium.

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  • Sports Surfaces & Leisure

    HydroBlox sector - Sports Surfaces & Leisure

    Precision drainage that minimises ground disturbance at your sport and leisure facilities with significantly reduced installation costs. Preserve your playing surfaces with the smart choice.

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  • Bank Stabilisation

    HydroBlox sectors - Bank Stabilisation

    The compact, lightweight and high-strength properties of HydroBlox make it the ideal solution to solve your bank stabilisation challenges with increased safety and ease of installation.

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  • Green Buildings

    HydroBlox sectors- Green Roofs

    Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic materials and entirely environmentally friendly. Our product can serve as a unique drainage substrate layer in all green building projects - Go Green with HydroBlox.

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