“One of my most effective designs” – Richard Allen Civil Engineering Professional for 27 Years

eco-bunker-first-class-bunker-installationHere’s a comment on the efficiency of HydroBlox from Richard Allen, Founder and Managing Director of EcoBunker:
“As a civil engineering design professional for nearly 27 years, I’ve specialised in solving a wide range of complex drainage challenges. I have never been afraid to innovate and try new products, and without any doubt, one of the most effective designs I ever had built used HydroBlox. 6 years later, it is a real honour to become the preferred supplier of HydroBlox to the UK and European golf sector. I’m very excited as I know there is great demand and I’m also thrilled to have the opportunity to also promote HydroBlox into sectors of the civil engineering market that I’m familiar with.”